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About Us - Transition Mentoring Program 

It is given that the transition in the lives of students nowadays may seem a bit difficult and tend to give them a lot of pressure. With this in mind, Transition Mentoring Program was founded to provide the help needed by high school students in their transition from typical students to entering college or proceeding immediately to work. 

Transition Mentoring Program was founded in 2015 and is located in The Bahamas.  We made sure that we can make programs that can help students start a new path in their life and be able to get through the transition stage in the most convenient and comfortable way. We focus on making the transition process easier for students through various fun activities and one on one coaching. 

Our non-profit mentorship program emphasizes the importance of our one on one mentoring procedures specifically made for high school students from Grade 11 who are going to take the transition period to college or work force. In our program, we incorporate community service, fun activities, and educational seminars and peer coaching. These are our ways of making sure that we can slowly prepare these students for a bright future path. 

Transition Mentoring Program is focused on empowering young people and building future leaders. We are also aiming to be seen by these young people as their confidante, another listening ear aside from their parents. This is to make sure that they are well aware of the how today’s decisions impact their future. We want to prepare them for what is coming next in their lives and be one of the trusted people in their lives who they can talk to with all the possible concerns with this specific transition in life. 

To know more about us, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Since its inception the Transitions Mentoring Program has been making headlines in the youth arena. The program which is aimed at assisting disenfranchised youth has sought not only to pair  participants with strong professional mentors in a program but also to provide wholesome activities as options for them to become involved in. 

One such activity took place on February 6 at the Myles Munroe Diplomat center where scores of teens between the ages of 13 and 19 assembled for clean, fun, knowledge filled sessions at the first annual Transitions Teen Summit. Teens present represented various private, public school and local youth organizations including YEP, Rangers, Junior Achievers, P31 and Young Champions .Under the theme, Embracing The Potential Within, attendees were treated to powerful sessions around the importance of personal character, chasing dreams, goal setting and entrepreneurship for teens. Speakers featured during the session including Duquesa Dean, a John Maxwell Certified Trainer and Keshelle Davis a young entrepreneur among others.  

As a part of the Transitions Mentoring Program a structured curriculum undergirds the one and one mentorship. Mentees are assigned mentors who share similar interests and that are best suited to assist in the accomplishment of mentee goals.  So far, the program boasts a coed cohort of active mentees enrolled since September 2015. Mentees through constant interactions with mentors and their participation in the structured curriculum have lauded the program with being relevant, informative and helpful. There have also been tangible benefits derived for the participants. Since enrolling in the program one mentee’s GPA increased from A to B. The mentee attributed directly this feat to his involvement in the program.   

There are many other wholesome activities on the horizon for this program  as well as a new slate of mentees  and mentors that will be recruited  for the second cycle of the mentorship programme.  

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Our Mentors are professionally trained. Are you interested in mentoring? Contact us for more details...



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